How to document your UX portfolio project

Have a simple and clear structure

The UX process visualized here has a clear starting and end point
  1. Avoid long drawn out sections with extensive amount of text.
  2. Use a flow that has a beginning, middle, and end. My personal recommendation is to follow this flow — Research, Empathize, Ideate, Design, and Test.
  3. Label sub-sections with appropriate UX terms like ‘Usability Evaluation’, ‘User Journey Map’, ‘Information Architecture Chart’, and ‘Design System’. Sometimes, a hiring manager may only be interested in one aspect of your portfolio, so they should be able to easily navigate to it.

Articulate a clear problem statement and objective(s)

The problem statement in the scenario is more of question. That’s completely fine.

Label your sections (and sub-sections)

Have a balanced text to visual ratio

Use Templates to save time

  1. User Journey Maps
  2. User Flows
  3. IA Charts
  4. Competition Analysis Matrices
  5. Personas
  6. Mind Maps
  7. Impact Maps
  8. Storyboards
  9. Affinity Maps




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I’m currently a UX designer for NBC Universal and have a deep interest in Enterprise UX.